Thursday, February 26, 2009

LIttle Brother Nico!

Just a cute video of the little guy (not so little anymore.) He's now 10 1/2 months and a whooping 20 lbs! He now claps, gives a high five, waves bye bye and just took his first step yesterday! But what mama loves best are his cuddles! He loves to be cuddled and is such a mama's boy.
Ella is definitely starting to show signs of jealousy which makes sense it would show up around this time. He's more competition for her now. She'll want to be held at the same time I'm reaching to pick him up or say things like "Nico wants daddy and I want you." Kinda sad but inevitable I guess. But mommy and daddy are giving her lots of extra lovin'!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Remind me...

never to go to those "do it yourself" car washes! I've been twice in less than a week and it still isn't clean, what a joke! Trust me, it wasn't like I was trying to be cheap. I did go to the actual car wash last week and of course, their system was down! My luck. So I've wasted more money than had I either done it myself, free, or just gone to another drive thru one. AND, I got all ucky and tired in the process! However, good news for those of you who still love the "do it yourself" ones. If you go to the one off Lake Forest there is a drive thru Starbucks right by it and so I was able to get two things accomplished today without getting the kids out of the car, now that's awesome!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can you say GENIUS!?!

So my daughter was drawing by herself and then showed me what she drew. I WAS SO IMPRESSED. Sure an O and I may not be hard to draw (which she did do) but she also did an A! I was like, "Can you do that again?" And of course she won't.

Sorry, I'm now addicted. You probably will end up hearing about my whole day EVERYDAY!

Ella's Visits CA Adventure for her Birthday!

For Ella's birthday we went to California Adventure and saw the parade, Ella loved it. We told her the parade was a big party just for her! It's ok to fib to a 3 year old to make her smile, right!?!?!

Ella checks out her new BIG GIRL bed!

Hi Family & Friends,
So I've finally decided it's time to start blogging. I have all these adorable videos of the kids and no other way to share them. Of course, it's mostly for the family but everyone will get a kick out of em' I'm sure! So, to my family in Oklahoma, New York, North Carolina, Illinois AND California too, hope you enjoy My Life Online!