Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Latest Update on the Guerrero's!

So my mom just reminded me that it's been well over a year since my last post, shame on me! I blame it on Facebook.
So anyhoo, I'll try and make this brief. Lots been going on!
Tony got laid off from his job on June 14th (along with many others on staff) due to cutbacks and what not. It's a TOTAL blessing. Now he's doing what he really loves, music and creating. He's busier than ever and loving it. Just hoping and praying we can survive off it and pay the bills! So many opportunities are coming his way and we're really seeing God work in so many incredible ways! Love how He does that, closes a door and opens a new and bigger one with so many possibilities!
The kids are crazier than ever and as much as they drive me crazy at times, I just can't seem to get enough of them. I just adore them! It's a fun stage and though difficult at times, I treasure the special moments.
Ella is 4 1/2 and is a such a goofball. Love her little personality. She enjoys spending time with her friends. In fact, I'm already at the stage where when I tell her were going somewhere fun, she asks, "Who's coming?" As if mommy and brother aren't fun enough!?!? She loves spending time with our neighbor friends, Ashley and Abby, such sweethearts! Dancing, playing house, dress-up, playing in the front yard, doing art and crafts and on and on! We spend a lot more time at home these days and it's nice to not be on the go so much and love that we have friends to spend the time with! She also completed her first year of pre-school at Grace Christian with Mrs. Maniscalco as her teacher. What fun she had! She loved share day the most and of course art time. Ella is really learning a lot these days, by practicing her writing, spelling, and even math (adding) It's such a blast to see her learn and be so proud of her accomplishments.
Naps are far and few between these days but I'm just glad it lasted as long as it did. She will occasionally still take them or fall asleep while watching a show during "rest time". Mommy still needs her daily break so during Nico's nap, I insist she have quiet time in her room for a bit then she can watch a movie. If she does nap, it's well into 9 or even 10:00 before she goes to bed. Though if that happens, she has to have play time in her room for awhile.
Some of the other fun things she enjoys is going to the park, Pretend City, Chuck E. Cheese and Chick-fil-A!
Nico, our little 2 year old goober is just that! Boy is he funny and fun-loving! What a big personality he has. He is so different than our little girl, I just love the difference in personalities. He is ALL BOY! Hits, throws, yells and yet, is so tender and affectionate. Loves to hug, cuddle, bring Sissy her blankie when she's hurt, give kisses and will just lay with you forever and watch a show. It's so great! And the bummer is, he has mama's wrapped around his little finger because he gets away with so much and doesn't like to be reprimanded so I give in, sometimes. He just knows how to show you that loveable smile and make ya melt. He loves to be outdoors, riding bikes, his plasma car, looking for our lizards, having parties with Sissy and all the pretend food, color, build towers out of the spice jars, read books, play on the piano (though daddy doesn't let him) and watch Elmo's world! Who doesn't love Elmo at this age! : ) Oh and biggest thing lately is that as of July 11th, he went peepee on the potty for the first time! Yay! He was so proud of himself. As for his vocabulary, not too may words but definitely saying more and more these days. He's really starting to do more repeating of sounds and words.
Well, my hands are tired of typing or I'd go on! So this is it for now, at least it's something! Check back later!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The kids!

Ella! She is now 3 & 4 months to be exact! She is at such a fun age, I LOVE IT. She is such a playful, fun spirited little girl. Loves to play with her friends, be outdoors (digging for worms!), helping mommy watering the flowers, playing at the pool, coloring and painting, watching princess shows, playing with little brother, and loves to chat. She has such a cute little voice, I love listening to her talk. Her pronunciation is a little off sometimes. For the word "forgot" she says fregot and for "idea" she says badea" I try and correct her but she loves to say it her way. I'm fine with that, it's cute!

She can't go anywhere without her "fenny" which is her blanket. While holding her blanket, the thumb goes straight in the mouth (we'll work on that one later!) I think it's still cute, not so much at age 5 or so. We have time. She's still potty training. Won't have an accident. Just doesn't like to go #2 on the potty. Preschool starts in September so we have time on that one too!

Ella is getting quite the sweet tooth and will occasionally ask for a candy cane for breakfast. I tell her she's crazy and then offer her tofu and banana mush, what Nico has. Just kidding. She's a pretty good eater. Loves her broccoli, fruits, yogurt, chicken, oatmeal & berries, soy dogs, cheese, pasta, pretty much anything. Daddy will occasionally take her to get frozen yogurt too, a special treat!

Nico! He is now 1 year old! This boy is a lover and a fussy fighter! He's all boy. He has a good set of lungs for starters. If he wants something, you'll know it! He has the basic needs- feed me, hold me, love me, and let me go to sleep! He is totally a mama's boy and pretty much wants nothing to do with anyone (though lately, he's been lovin' on daddy and it's so sweet to watch)

For months now I've noticed this about him and now that he's one, I can tell it's more defined in him but he definitely can only handle so much. If he's in a large group gathering or there are a lot of people in our home, he will occasionally need to step away and have his alone time. Whereas sister can go go go and is the life of the party, Nico is more introverted.

Tony and I are so thankful for them each and every day! They are true gifts from the Lord and we love them dearly!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Nico's 1st Birthday!

We celebrated our son's first birthday this past Saturday!  It's a good thing we kept it small because as it was, he was quite overwhelmed, fussy and a bit clingy to mama.  It's understandable, he's probably thinking, "What's the fuss all about guys? I'm just as cute as I was day the before!" 

We had mostly our family over for some burgers and cake. My mom was able to fly out from OK which was so great having her here. Big sister Ella was so helpful in opening up the presents. We also had both our kids dedicated. Ernie and Debbie Rettino came over and graciously prayed over our little ones and dedicated them to the Lord! It was quite special. 

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ok, so I've been lagging a bit. That's my personality, I get all excited about something and I'm all about it then it fades pretty quickly. But I'm excited to share a first for my baby girl! She had her first sleepover at Grandma Chiarina's house. She was so so excited because her favorite cousin Alina was going to be staying over too. So as you can imagine they had a blast! AND she did great, hardly even missed us. She slept well and even napped there too which I was surprised at. But, no sleeping in for mommy and daddy cause even though little man was still at home and he did sleep in till 8am, we were up for a community garage sale at 6:30. Needless to say, Ella will hopefully be having many more nights at grandma's in the near future!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Sweet Baby Girl!

Just another fun video of little Ella who at the time was probably 2 1/2 years old. I just love her little sweet voice and silly expressions! Enjoy!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

LIttle Brother Nico!

Just a cute video of the little guy (not so little anymore.) He's now 10 1/2 months and a whooping 20 lbs! He now claps, gives a high five, waves bye bye and just took his first step yesterday! But what mama loves best are his cuddles! He loves to be cuddled and is such a mama's boy.
Ella is definitely starting to show signs of jealousy which makes sense it would show up around this time. He's more competition for her now. She'll want to be held at the same time I'm reaching to pick him up or say things like "Nico wants daddy and I want you." Kinda sad but inevitable I guess. But mommy and daddy are giving her lots of extra lovin'!